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Dave Greber
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Unitarian Sermon
June 20 2014
Last Sunday I had the cool experience of lay-leading a service at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans.  Theres a video of the whole service below. "Local visual artist, Dave Greber, speaks about his experience growing up as a Quaker, the friction between his faith and the culture of contemporary commercialism, and how he creates art to reconcile the two as a mystic search for oneness. He will share examples of his artwork and strategies for mindfulness"

2 Shows in NYC
June 19 2014
Hope to see my NYers at a couple shows I have in NYC this month:

1.  June 27, 2014  7p-9p

Videorover Season 8

NutureArt 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

2. June 28, 2014  7p-12a

Lumen Festival

Atlantic Salt, 561 Richmond Terrace, SI NY 10301



Japan with The Front at Tokyo Art Lab
May 13 2014

I'm showing video work at the Tokyo Art Lab and Makii Masaru Fine Arts right now, along with the current members of The Front. This is the result of a gallery swap with the Ginza Art Lab that I initiated after visiting in 2012. 

Makii Masaru Fine Arts
Location: Makii Masaru Fine Arts
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW 
Date: 5 May - 17 May 2014

Contemporary Art Galley in New Orleans, 'The Front,' will open a group show by representing artists at Makii Masaru Gallery. Multimedia art, video, video , installation and photograph reflecting today's society, psychology and media issue will be featured. 

The Front, an artist-run collective and not-for-profit gallery, fosters the development of contemporary art in the city of New Orleans through innovative exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, and other ...

May 5 2014

Neaux Studieaux
April 8 2014
I just moved into my new space for the next five months at the beautiful Joan Mitchell Center studios in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Excited to spend time here - it's got really nice vibez ;-}...

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The Front: On Display?
The Front: On Display?


Can you face your Tiger Deity?
Can you face your Tiger Deity?

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