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Dave Greber
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May 5 2014

Neaux Studieaux
April 8 2014
I just moved into my new space for the next five months at the beautiful Joan Mitchell Center studios in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Excited to spend time here - it's got really nice vibez ;-}...

Iris' Caveau
February 13 2014
I had a great time at COSMS, the new show organized by Dashboard Co-op in Atlanta, GA.  The show opened Feb. 8th and will run through March 4th, 2014.  I got a chance to show a new installation called Iris' Caveau which I am really happy with.  See a walk-thru here

T.E.R.o.U.Rs Collection Shopping Network goes live
January 14 2014
I've released video reviews of 13 products I created on YouTube today.  Gotta' watch them all :

T.E.R.o.U.Rs (The Empty Remains of Unused Revelations) is a collection of sculptures by Dave Greber from 2013.  

January 8 2014

Im gearing up to show some new work at this show; COSMS presented by DASHBOARD CO-OP.  They used an image from Open Arms as the flyer....



The Front: On Display?
The Front: On Display?

5 Things You Should Never Do
5 Things You Should Never Do

1 easy "trick" to cure loneliness
1 easy "trick" to cure loneliness

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