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Dave Greber
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Iris' Caveau
February 13 2014
I had a great time at COSMS, the new show organized by Dashboard Co-op in Atlanta, GA.  The show opened Feb. 8th and will run through March 4th, 2014.  I got a chance to show a new installation called Iris' Caveau which I am really happy with.  See a walk-thru here

T.E.R.o.U.Rs Collection Shopping Network goes live
January 14 2014
I've released video reviews of 13 products I created on YouTube today.  Gotta' watch them all :

T.E.R.o.U.Rs (The Empty Remains of Unused Revelations) is a collection of sculptures by Dave Greber from 2013.  

January 8 2014

Im gearing up to show some new work at this show; COSMS presented by DASHBOARD CO-OP.  They used an image from Open Arms as the flyer....



YouCan'tRiptheSkinOffofaSnake 2 Released
November 25 2013

A philanthropic host straps up his 'blades and "hits the streets" to help everyday people with their existential issues. The visual language of the reality talk show provides the crude foil to the emotionally elevated nature of verbal content.

"Here in this REAL place, talking to REAL people about REAL things" again in this long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed video-loop, YouCantRiptheSkinOffofaSnake (2012). vimeo.com/52499980

Directed and Edited by Dave Greber

Written by: Dave Greber, Kelci M. Kelci, and Roel Miranda

Crew: Kelci M. Kelci, Katie Gelfand


Roel Miranda
Skitch King
Carl Joe Williams
Josh Schmied
Kelci M. Kelci
David Hassell
Ginger Maddox
David Barton
Emily Mckee
Callie Martin
Veronica Mansell

Dashboard Co-Op -Atlanta, Feburary 8th
November 20 2013
I'm going to have a big installation at a show in Altanta on Feburary 8th, 2014, as part of the Dashboard Co-op's next installation.  I am going to make my first Stasseo Cathedral - something I have been thinking about making for a few years but have not had the right opportunity for it yet.  Should been very exciting!

Interviews with  me and the other artists here  !!!  read

Dashboard Co-op has announced its new crop of artists for 2014. Representing a range of ages and experience, they are: Elizabeth Riley, Dave Greber, Paper Frank, Hudgens Prize finalist Chris Chambers, Zopi Kristjanson, George Long, Jason Peters, Andre Keichian, Martha Whittington, Kevin Byrd, Lindsey Wolkowicz, and Dustin Chambers. Works by the new group will be featured in an exhibition in February ...

One "strange" trick to shed fluid
One "strange" trick to shed fluid

Natures Trick for Happiness
Natures Trick for Happiness

Can you face your Tiger Deity?
Can you face your Tiger Deity?

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