Lecture at Rogaland Kunstsenter

I recently did a presentation about my work at the Rogaland Kunstsenter in Stavanger, Norway. I recorded the screenshot and audio on my computer while I spoke. Thats what this video is!

Dagen etter dagen, 18. mai, kommer den amerikanske kunstneren Dave Greber til å presentere sin kunstneriske praksis på Rogaland Kunstsenter. Greber er i Stavanger etter et månedslangt opphold i Skudeneshavn, på et nytt residency i samarbeid med Galleri Gudrid, Gjestfrie Hus, Karmøy kommune og Rogaland Kunstsenter.


Long before Donald Trump became president (Aug. 2016), I was working on a meme project on Instagram, combining quotes from "New Age" memes with images of The Donald. My motivation to create the series was truly personal but the message was universal. 


There's a real potent archetype in the political zeitgeist right now that falls under the separation/tribalism/scapegoating umbrella. The way to power right now is to atomize us into small groups that have unified opinions and identify with their causes. I thought it was interesting to find this sentiment in a ton of New Age inspirational quotes. A lot of yoga and supposedly enlightened inspirational personalities encourage selfishness, leaving people "toxic" people behind, cutting friendships off, cleansing your relationships, etc. Of course this sort of strategy makes sense when there is emotional or physical abuse involved, but the context seemed to be advocating abandonment as the first step of crisis resolution. Which is the platform that the political Right ran on, this election: Building walls. 


I found it interesting when I combined images of Trump with New Age quotes, the similarities in philosophy. When I started posting them on Instagram, a lot of yoga studios and yoga IG personalities were liking them. I still don't know if I identified this little-known faction of right-wing yoga teachers or it was just their promotional bots, liking anything with a "yoga" tag. 

Theres about 30 of them on my Instagram and I put embedded a selection below:







I moved to Taos, NM

Through a wild chain of events, I have found myself as the Artist in Residence and the Director of Exhibitions at the newly established PARSE SECO, an experimental creative space located in the heart of Arroyo Seco, Taos, New Mexico. An offshoot of PARSE NOLA, in New Orleans.

The village of Arroyo Seco at dusk

I'm living in the back of the gallery in an 1973 Airstream Land Yacht trailer. It can get chilly (it went down to -7º the other night) but she's got warm 70's vibes. She really rolls with some Fleetwood Mac and some white sage incense...

Front-row seats to Taos mountain and Pueblo

I've just been getting my traction here: meeting people, getting things set up and channeling ideas for the work I'm going to make here. There's some serious energy here beaming down from the mountains. I've heard it said that it intensifies whatever your intentions are, so I've been trying  to keep a constant positive vision. I've been making memes, as I have realized that that is the way that I "draw"

"Rio Grande flowing out one eye and in the other", 2016

🦅The Magpie is the only non-mammal to recognize its own reflection as itself. 👁Today you will be granted the powers of the magpie, seeing the world as yourself, reflected back at you. 🌏👀

🌲Wintery Cure for Icy Windows: #arnica#sage#ginger worn as a headdress 🌿