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PumpkinPencil™ by SquashScribe®  (2010)

As exponential technological advancement converges with the myopic goals of omnipotent capitalist systems, we will increasingly find new consumer philosophies in conflict with humanity itself.   PumpkinPencil™ interprets this contemporary landscape through the filter of a corporate PR campaign.  

0'41" HD video loop
Starring: Tessa Corthell, Lea Downing, Brendan Gavin, Steven Heise, Alina Josan, Caitlin Keily, Peter Leonard
Costumes: Katie Gelfand
Music:  Illuminating in Parts by Matt Aguiluz

Cardboard, Acrylic, SmartPumpkin™
Installed at the Front in Feb. 2010 as part of the Refresh Show
Sour Grapes
Sour Grapes

why is a kiss MORE than a kiss?
why is a kiss MORE than a kiss?

Are E-Cigarettes really this good?
Are E-Cigarettes really this good?

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