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PumpkinPencil™ by SquashScribe®  (2010)

As exponential technological advancement converges with the myopic goals of omnipotent capitalist systems, we will increasingly find new consumer philosophies in conflict with humanity itself.   PumpkinPencil™ interprets this contemporary landscape through the filter of a corporate PR campaign.  

0'41" HD video loop
Starring: Tessa Corthell, Lea Downing, Brendan Gavin, Steven Heise, Alina Josan, Caitlin Keily, Peter Leonard
Costumes: Katie Gelfand
Music:  Illuminating in Parts by Matt Aguiluz

Cardboard, Acrylic, SmartPumpkin™
Installed at the Front in Feb. 2010 as part of the Refresh Show
Can you face your Tiger Deity?
Can you face your Tiger Deity?

One "strange" trick to shed fluid
One "strange" trick to shed fluid

The Front: On Display?
The Front: On Display?

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