video, acrylic, rhinestones
size variable

Digital version available for purchase through Sedition here

Documentation of 2 site-specific installations of "Concession," (2013) a Stasseo by Dave Greber. It was created originally for PelicanBomb and Bruno Designs' "Moviehouse NOLA" exhibit at The Saratoga Building in New Orleans, LA. Later, it was acquired and installed permanently at Second Line Stages in New Orleans, LA in 2014.

The act or an instance of conceding (as by granting something as a right, accepting something as true, or acknowledging defeat).

"Concession" is part of a series of multi/single channel videos, that I call Stasseo (a contraction of stained-glass-video). All of the movements in the video are contained within masked out shapes which remain stationary, throughout. This technique references other early back-illuminated works of art, which were limited to available sunlight passing through semi-transparent materials. This way of limiting the form of the video creates a contemplative viewer-experience, closer to that of looking at a painting, rather than a quickly edited montage.

very rare Concession gif , 2014

very rare Concession gif, 2014