Curated/Organized Exhibits

I curated exhibits as a member of the art collective, The Front, from 2010-2014

ArtLab at The Front
Collective exchange organized by Dave Greber, featuring artwork by Taisuke Morishita, Keiko Kamma, Jomi Kim (curated by Kentaro Chiba and Emma Ota), and Syuta Mitomo


Fractured Soul
Carl Joe Williams


Precious Horshes
NO/Philadelphia artists Jacob Edwards, James ConcannonEmily Erb, Phil Rached, Brendan Gavin, Pete Gavin, Jeff Dentz

...more miscellaneous is the Precious Horshes expo curated by Dave Greber. These emerging artists' works emit occasional sparks, but the standout is Jacob Edwards, whose gut-wrenching ink drawings (pictured) are demented in the grand expressionistic manner of Ralph Steadman and Ronald Searle at their darkest.
— D. Eric Bookhardt

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