For a Potent Daydream

by Sophia Belkin & Dave Greber
Skudeneshavn, Norway, April 2017

This exhibit is the culmination of the work produced during the Skudeneshavnkunstnerne 2017 residency at the Blondefabrikken, which included sculpture, video installation, a publication published by the Rogaland Kunstsenter. 

Sophia Belkin and I collaborated to make this work over three weeks during our residency. The title is an anagram of "The Mead of Art and Poetry," which was a Norse Myth that became a starting point for our research. We collected birch sap over the residency period and brewed an elixir to draw out the essence of the island. We branded and marketed the beverage, with labels and a commercial and ultimately manifested in this sculptrual installation. The full-color publication "For a Potent Daydream" functions as documentation of the process of the exhibit and stand-alone visual narrative.

Video Starring Andrea Sale, Stefan Alexandre Bociv, Maria Alexandra, Oliver Syvertsen, and Bernhard Østebø
Made possible by Sudeneshavnkunstnerne, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Galleri Gudrid, Gjestfrie Hus AS, and Karmøy Kommune, ASKI Tusen Takk Eli Stølsvik, Knut Nygaard, Geir Haraldseth, and Karmøy Kommune

For a Potent Daydream: a refreshing, wild-harvested bjørk beverage produced in Skudeneshavn, Norway. "A coincidence wanders the sweetest green pool, Since we were dice and stone pals together once." -S.B. ... Skål!

Process Photos #trusttheprocess

Dagen etter dagen, 18. mai, kommer den amerikanske kunstneren Dave Greber til å presentere sin kunstneriske praksis på Rogaland Kunstsenter. Greber er i Stavanger etter et månedslangt opphold i Skudeneshavn, på et nytt residency i samarbeid med Galleri Gudrid, Gjestfrie Hus, Karmøy kommune og Rogaland Kunstsenter.