Summerscape '19

This spring, I moved out of my studio at Canal Place Mall to the a more nomadic studio situation between coffee shops and parks, for computer stuff and my garage, for projection-mapping drafting. I’m finished teaching at Tulane for the semester and still working at the Joan Mitchell Center until my July travels.

I’ve got a few shows coming up this summer and fall that I’m working on…

In June, I’m creating an installation at the Lucky Art Fair, which is a large group show in a pre-renovated hotel. “The Lucky Art Fair was born of a desire for radical equity in regard to artistic income and opportunity. They say We have seen the content of the work exalted by the art world evolve, often in politically and socially radical ways, but it’s underlying financial structure continues to only serve a select few.” I’m making a new trash assemblage/projection-mapped sculpture in a room curated around environmental concepts.

Early drafts for Greber/Sakul’s Košice installation coming Aug. 2019

Early drafts for Greber/Sakul’s Košice installation coming Aug. 2019

In August, I'm having an exhibit with painter/scuptor/installation artist, Kanrec Sakul. We are developing a large multimedia installation in a functioning industrial space in in Košice, Slovakia. Also feat. fabrex by Sophia Belkin … We are early in the planning stages but it seems to be evolving into some kind of hypnotic light spa, drawing from slavic folklore and present day divination through technology. We are going to travel to Europe at the end of July and travel a bit before the installation period begins. It’s a super exciting show for me!

In October, I’m making an installation as part of of a large group show at SITE: Houston, a large installation venue composed of repurposed grain silos. SITE Gallery aims to foster and support artwork that is one-of-a-kind based on the relationship between artist, place, space and concept. SITE Gallery supports artists by creating opportunities for the development and exhibition of artwork that is a product of open dialogue between artist concept and the architecture and context of the Silos building. As a steward of one of Texas’s most unique exhibition spaces, SITE Gallery Houston is committed to protecting and preserving the unique character of the Silos with the creation of high quality contemporary installation art.