Skyyys™ at the Fulton Center in NYC

Holy Cow!

This Summer-Fall I have a really exciting installation in a new subway interchange/mall in lower Manhattan. The NYC MTA commissioned me to expand my work Skyyys™ into a 52-Channel installation the sprawls throughout the station, including some large stadium-sized screens on the street level at Fulton and Broadway, as well as a really fun 360º wrap-around screen, and a bunch of "shared-info" MTA screens featuring subway information, etc. 

Here's some photos from a test I did last week...


Dave Greber
Fulton Center & Dey Street Concourse
Summer 2018 through fall 2018

Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design, artist Dave Greber’s Skyyys™is the most recent iteration of his vibrant, digital abstractions created from recognizable, colorful kinetic objects, such as balloons, bouncing balls, and stuffed animals. Skyyys™playfully mimics the persistent activity and change that defines our material world and transit experiences. The piecereferences and remixes the distinct, but convergent, forces between virtual media streams and our infinitely inventive minds, which simultaneously inhabit the same time and space. The tidal pace, whimsical imagery, and prismatic palette of Skyyys™creates harmonious visual-music that complements the pace of commuters at Fulton center, a likewise kaleidoscopic, liminal space, in the heart of visually diverse New York City.

Greber’s immersive 52-channel digital animation can be seen for two minutes at the top of each hour in the Fulton Center complex and the Dey Street pedestrian tunnel that connects to the R line and the World Trade Center PATH station. The work will be on view until fall 2018. 

The work is presented by MTA Arts & Design with technical support from Westfield Properties and ANC Sports.

I moved to Taos, NM

Through a wild chain of events, I have found myself as the Artist in Residence and the Director of Exhibitions at the newly established PARSE SECO, an experimental creative space located in the heart of Arroyo Seco, Taos, New Mexico. An offshoot of PARSE NOLA, in New Orleans.

The village of Arroyo Seco at dusk

I'm living in the back of the gallery in an 1973 Airstream Land Yacht trailer. It can get chilly (it went down to -7º the other night) but she's got warm 70's vibes. She really rolls with some Fleetwood Mac and some white sage incense...

Front-row seats to Taos mountain and Pueblo

I've just been getting my traction here: meeting people, getting things set up and channeling ideas for the work I'm going to make here. There's some serious energy here beaming down from the mountains. I've heard it said that it intensifies whatever your intentions are, so I've been trying  to keep a constant positive vision. I've been making memes, as I have realized that that is the way that I "draw"

"Rio Grande flowing out one eye and in the other", 2016

🦅The Magpie is the only non-mammal to recognize its own reflection as itself. 👁Today you will be granted the powers of the magpie, seeing the world as yourself, reflected back at you. 🌏👀

🌲Wintery Cure for Icy Windows: #arnica#sage#ginger worn as a headdress 🌿