3-channel video installation
wood, lenticular plexiglass, CRT televisions, acrylic, sharpie
installed at the Front from May 8th-June 6th, 2010


With my most recent work, I have been researching and exposing tactics of corporate television advertising that are, for the most part, culturally degenerative memes overlooked by the general public. I create a skeleton commercial built from the tone, cadence, verbal and graphic illusions that comprise a corporate propaganda campaign. I then fill the shell with my own agenda, which is to reveal that the form itself is psychologically manipulative. I infuse them with my own contemporary style and present them as a seamless loop, which translates them from a parasitic corporate language to one of viewer empowerment.

I have a great time making and showing these. They make me laugh and they are intended to make the viewer laugh when they have a realization of their own. I want people to understand without insulting their intelligence. Many people ask me if I am "being serious or not" with my work. To me, everything I make is intended as a joke of some sort, but laughing and understanding are synonymous to me. 

a video installation
by Dave Greber

TV Boxes
Roel Miranda
Dave Greber

Camilla Bergin
Andy Cook
Tessa Corthell
Stephen Kennedy
Roel Miranda
JJ Smith

Robert Ries
Jen DeGregorio
Valorie Polmer

Lea Downing
Alden Eagle
Katie Gelfand
Matthew Holdren
Brandon Meginley
Phil Rached

Asst. Director
Katie Gelfand

Dave Greber
Phil Rached

Peter Leonard