Projection mapped assemblage, monitor
9' x 9’ x 9’
site-specific installation as part of the Lucky Art Fair, New Orleans


an extempore intervention in a boarding house
When would we be lifted,
and see a massive turning trail
instantly into a puddle or rivulet
or inflated silver
in the first half of the century
its better deluged by crazed messages
and truthful answers turned into a reading
process rather than gulping and savoring.
There is hardly a place on earth where
people don’t force the liquid from
every source possible, if they get a commission.
Home owners and business agreed to mitigate
the destruction and declares when its time
to be over, and not treat it as pagan fable.
We should be building followers and
pouring out salvation because I am
just looking for ways for everything to be known.
By definition, a wave goes in a wave goes out
and burys us under external objects,
pressing upon us with a sharp and importune reality,
calling us out of ourselves,
cleansing for the next five years.

Dave 2019