Dave Greber, Adam Montegut, Roel Miranda, Peter Leonard, and Phil Rached
Aluminium, wood, projection, mobile chicanes, video monitors, generative music

Entry Way to  SPORTS  installed at The Front July 2010

Entry Way to SPORTS installed at The Front July 2010

SPORTS is an interactive multimedia experience. Chicanes or "strategically placed objects", are used to slow traffic entering an area so that individuals can be monitored and evaluated. In SPORTS, we impede the progress of the gallery-goer through periodic reconfigurations of our chicanes in order to subvert typical gallery-opening pedestrian-patterns.


Sports Walkthru from the Front in July 2011

This video was projected 2x onto a textured screen during Sports, an installation at the Front, in July 2010. costumes Katie Gelfand starring Jill "Blues" Demeny Zoe Tritsis Ajay Goyal Gimena Gordillo Naomi Chalew Michael Schachtman Peter Leonard JJ Smith Drew O'Meara Mike Massucci Cathleen Beer Jay Burrus Matthew Holdren Alden Eagle Zeke Falcon Marin Dearie Chrisy Noble Jenny Knox