The Bet

2-channel video installation
CRT TVs, plastic enamel
3' x 4' x 3'

The Bet (1996)
By Dave Greber and Jesse Wallace
7:00 min

The Bet (2011)
By Dave Greber
4:00 min
HD Video


 I recently remade my first "art film", The Bet, for an exhibition at the Antenna Gallery in New Orleans in May 2011.  The process was a great exercise in revisiting my personal consciousness at an age and exploring the cyclical nature of creativity throughout my life.  At the age of 14, half of my age now, I experienced a period of explosive adolescent expression, based on a relatively sophisticated sense of humor and the discovery of a camcorder.  I feel a similar creative freedom with my artwork now, this project is a link between these two periods of spiritual growth in my life.

The Bet (2011) By Dave Greber 4:00 min HD Video Starring Drucilla Dumas and Angelina Francesca Cardarelli Pre-production consultation Jesse Wallace Production Assistance by Phil Rached Thanks to Kaitlin and Zoe, Jill, Dennis and Zalia, the AllWays Lounge, Katie, Natalie and Antenna

By Dave Greber and Jesse Wallace. I site this video as my first Art Film. The plot is based loosely on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: A Man from the South" starring Steve McQueen and Peter Lorre. We shot this in Jesse's basement in Roslyn, PA.

“My Mom says my work has really improved” Opening May 14 from 6-9 and closes June 5th at 5pm

At Antenna Gallery 3161 Burgundy St.  New Orleans, LA



The Bet (1996)
Script by
Dave Greber and Jesse Wallace


A:  The Straight Man

B:  The Con Man

C:  Bartender


A:  Bartender, get me a drink of your finest ale.  (bartender brings drink, a takes a sip)  Much better.


A:  Haven't you forgot something?  (gives bartender some change)


C:  A tip!


The Con man walks in a sits down next to Straight Man.


B:  What do you recommend?


A: This.  (pushes drink to B)


They both drink


B:  What do you call this?


A:  I dont know but it sure puts hair on your chest.


B:  Do you know what time it is?


A:  No.


B:  6am on the dot.  Thats a nice lighter you got there.


A:  I know.


B:  There's a game we used to play...


A:  Oh really and what do you call this game of yours?


B:  Its a little game called "Foot in your Eye."  wanna play?


A:  YES.  But tell me how do you play this game?


B:  Well, you only need a couple of things:  a purple ribbon, a knife, and a set of car keys.  Still interested?


A:  How about a pinky?


B:  We could use... it.  and a lighter.


A:  I still dont understand how to play!


B:  Why dont you just play and find out?  (serious)  If you had the chance to, would you give up your pinky finger for a Volkswagon Jetta?


A:  My pinky?  thats just not funny...


B:  My Volkswagon Jetta aint so funny neither!


A:  Is this some kind of a joke?


B:  Here's the game.  You take the lighter, you light it ten times in a row...


A:  Without fault?


B:  Without fole.  If you can do it, I'll give you my Volkswagon Jetta.  But if you cant do it, Mr. Butcher here (the knife) cuts off your pinky.  (laugh)


A:  I agree.


B:  Sounds great.  So lets get this show on the road, big guy.  Put your hand on the table.  Are you ready.


A:  I'm ready.


The Straight man tries to light the lighter and fails immediately.


B:  I'll give you another shot.


The Straight man tries and fails again.


B:  HaHaHaHa.  One more shot, punk.


The Straight man tries and fails again.


B:  HaHa.


The Con Man chops off the Straight Man's pinky.


B:  You lose tough guy.  (hands Straight Man a cup) Put your hand in this, stop the bleedin'!


Straight Man puts hand in cup and it fills up with tomato juice.


A:  I'll kill you.  I'll kill you I swear to... (car keys)




A;  Move away.  Move away from me, man. (drinks cup full of tomato juice).  Do a close up.


The Con Man leaves with the car keys.  He has won the bet.