The Front: on Display

Dave Greber
3-channel looping video installation 4:00 x 1:30 x 1:30 min
installed on 3 42" flatscreens at the CAC in New Orleans

Curated by Amy Mackie

the front on display.jpg

A behind the scenes look at the making of the Front's 2012 PSA poster series: "Art is everywhere... especially at the Front." This excerpt is one channel, of a 3-channel video installation. Premiere at the SPACES exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, Feb.-June 2012.

Also featured at UAB Visual Arts Gallery
Curated By John Fields
review in The Wield by Walter Lewellyn

Camera Dave Greber Ethan Anderson
Assistant Director Katie Gelfand
Starring Kyle Bravo Lee Deigaard Rachel DeTrinis Andrea Ferguson Dave Greber Rachel Jones Morgana King Stephanie Patton Brooke Pickett Alex Podesta Claire Rau Megan Roniger Jonathan Traviesa Ryan Watkins-Hughes Ethan Anderson Katie Gelfand Very Special thanks to Ethan Anderson Studios